Hemp Has Taken Memphis, TN by Storm

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Hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years for food, textiles and fuel, but its recreational uses have made it more popular than ever in the modern era. Greenleaf Relief & Wellness is meeting the demand for high-quality CBD products in Memphis, TN. From CBD flower to gummies, anti-aging creams, and more, we carry CBD products that can be used every day. We also offer a selection of hot new products like CBD cigars and Delct-8 products.

Our shelves are fully stocked with products made by leading manufacturers, including...

True Hemp Science

We also make some of our products in-house. Come to our CBD store today to browse our extensive selection.

Feel free to ask us for recommendations

Experimenting with CBD products can be a pleasant experience when you know what to expect. Online research is a good starting point, but your best source of information is someone who's intimately familiar with the CBD edibles, smokables or tinctures you want to try.

Our staff would be happy to talk to you about...

  • The benefits of CBD and Delta-8 hemp
  • The many uses for CBD flower
  • Specific products that may interest you

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Shake up your smoking routine

Want to quit cigarettes but don't want to give up your smoke break? Switch from tobacco to hemp flower. You may find that CBD cigarettes taste better than the tobacco products you're accustomed to.

Our selection of smokables includes hemp cigars, cigarettes and shisha.