Delta-8 Products

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Delta-8: Hemp With Psychoactive Properties

Try flavorful Delta-8 products in Memphis, TN

Of all the compounds in cannabis, THC is the most well-known because it produces a high. However, Delta-8 is generating buzz for its ability to produce a similar, albeit milder, euphoric effect. If you're eager to experience the effects of Delta-8 for yourself, visit Greenleaf Relief & Wellness to pick up a hand-rolled Delta-8 hemp cigarette or cigar.

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What you should know before trying Delta-8 products

Delta-8 products are made from hemp. As a result, they don't produce feelings of euphoria as intense as those you'd get from cannabis. Some users even report feeling more alert and energetic.

However, being under the influence of Delta-8 may still cause you to feel...

  • Dizzy
  • Buzzed
  • Drowsy

Enjoy Delta-8 products responsibly in Memphis, TN. Swing by Greenleaf Relief & Wellness today to pick up a Delta-8 hemp cigarette or cigar.