Offering a Wide Selection of Hemp Flower

Your favorite strain may be on our shelves in Memphis, TN

Smoking hemp flower has become a popular way to relax without getting high. Each strain has a unique flavor, aroma, cannabinoid concentration and terpene profile, so you may want to ask an expert prior to experimenting with smokables. The staff at Greenleaf Relief & Wellness in Memphis, TN would be glad to assist you.

We carry the following strains of CBD flower:

  • CBG
  • Kush
  • Lifter
  • Suver haze
  • Frosted lime
  • Special sauce
  • Hawaiian haze
  • Sour space candy

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There are many ways to enjoy hemp flower

When you have the finest hemp flower to work with, you can whip up all kinds of CBD recipes at home. Prepare a soothing herbal tea with a few petals, or sprinkle the crushed flower into your bath for a relaxing soak. However you choose to enjoy CBD flower, pick up your favorite strain today at Greenleaf Relief & Wellness in Memphis, TN.